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Sample Listing Previews


Skydiving into the Ongoro Crater

When it comes to sheer exhilaration and adrenaline, skydiving
is without compare.


Miniature tank paintballing

Allowing regular folk the chance to blast away like Rambo at friends
and foe alike, paintball is one of the greatest action sports of all time.


Champagne Ballooning

Imagine watching the World wake up from 2000ft as you drift serenely
in the early morning sky.


Power jet skis

Test your steering, balance, and speed – feel the rush and excitement of the
seawater spray as you blast through the waves.


Action surfing for newbies

As you learn to stand for the first time, you’ll see why the
combination of grace and thrills of surfing are so addictive!


Riding the plains

See the rugged, unkempt beauty of the New Forest with this enchanting
introductory horse riding experience.

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